Posted at 4th April 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

Winter Lawn Problems

Has your grass become weak and bald due to a harsh winter?

This is sometimes an issue due to compacted poor draining clay soil. Also we forget often that good healthy grass dies back and becomes thin, especially in areas which catch the shade. However, during the following weeks there are usually dramatic improvements as the temperature increases.

Once the grass has started to grow in late March early spring, spike it and then top the grass with a sandy turf dressing. Also, add grass seed to the turf dressing in order to over seed the grass.

Having lush green grass throughout year is everyone’s wish, but like with all areas of gardening attention is sometimes needed to improve the look of your garden and grass is no exception. We hope this article will help you to gain that healthy, lush grass. If you have any further questions then please contact us on one of the following: –

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