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Water logging Advice

Posted at 20th January 2015 in Landscaping News by JHPS Gardens

Water logging can be such a pain in your garden, especially at this time of the year when the weather is not fantastic. It’s easy to tell when you have water logging in your garden when it’s raining as much as it is!

Regularly check to make sure that your garden hasn’t got water logging or soil compaction problems. Puddles of water will gather on your grass creating muddy patches and damaging your lawn – it won’t look good at all!

Land drainsYou may find that the drainage problem is out of control. For customers in this situation, JHPS put land drains into their gardens. These drains transport the water to the main drains, ensuring that the water in the garden doesn’t build up.

Also, if your plants look like they need water and have become yellow or withered this is a sign that your garden is waterlogged.

Tip – Dig out and remove roots and plant them up in some fresh compost to rescue your pot plants if they have become damaged by waterlogging. Do this ASAP to avoid further damage.

Once the drains have been inserted, a new lawn can be laid, leaving your garden looking fantastic and useable even in wet weather.CAD design

Landscaping Update

This month the JHPS Landscaping team have started a 3 month long project. We used out 3D CAD program to create the design. If you would like a design for your garden created then get in touch, we would love to help you to work towards your dream garden, ready for the BBQs in the summer!

Get in touch by calling: 01782 396 168 or by email: for more information about what we can offer you with regards to landscaping your garden to get it looking brilliant for the upcoming warmer months!