Decking and Summer Houses can create a lovely area in a garden, providing a vantage point from which you can sit and admire the rest of your garden. When building a decked area, all of the timber we use is tannalised (pressure treated with preservative). We also like to provide a quality product so we use non-rust screws, rather than nails, to ensure a quality, long lasting finish.

Decking post


You first of all need to install 100mm square tannalised timber posts (all timber is pre-treated) which are set at every 2 metres.

These posts should then be concreted into the ground in order to make sure that the posts are very secure and will not move.

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You then create a frame, made from 150 x 50mm timber, which needs to be attached to these posts. The frame will be attached to these posts either by screwing or bolting.

Each of these runs of timber should be at 500mm centres, and the decking will sit on top of this framework.

By having them at 500mm centres it will mean that the deck will not bend or flex, so it will form a rigid area that is solid and will last

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The decking will then need be screwed to the frame work with 3mm gaps between each run of decking. This process will leave a long lasting decked area which will be a feature area that will be ideal to sit out on and entertain friends and family.

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