Posted at 28th January 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens

Gardening jobs to do in February


  2. Pruning roses
  3. 1. Keep paths clear of moss, lichens and algae. This can be done by power washing or spraying with diluted Jays fluid.
  5. 2. Prune your roses.
  7. 3. Sow vegetables under cover, either in a heated greenhouse or on the kitchen windowsill. You may, depending on the temperature, be able to put them out next month under cold glass (non-heated cold frame or cloche).
  9. 4. Plant parsnip seeds directly into the soil. Make sure though, that the soil is not frozen when you sow the seed.
  11. 5. Prune autumn fruiting raspberries down to ground level.
  13. 6. Trim winter flowering heathers once they have finished flowering.
  15. 7. All herbaceous plants should have been cut back by now so you don’t interfere with new growth when it comes.


As we are seeing signs of Spring, with the Snowdrops now appearing in gardens and other plants starting to appear, we know it is on its way. However we may not feel like going out into the garden at this moment in time but starting to look at what needs to be done in the garden now can help your garden to produce well in the summer months. If you would like more information on gardening jobs in February then please get in touch by using one of the following: –  

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