Posted at 1st April 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens

Gardening jobs to do in April:

  1. 1. Hoe off weed seedlings to avoid weeds taking seed.
  2. 2. Plant flowers like Nigella, Calendula and Poppies where you want them to plant.
  3. 3. Take out tomato seedlings. They continue to grow because tomato seeds store well for use in subsequent years and are free from pests. It also works out cheaper than buying plants.
  4. 4. When they reach 8 to 10cm high, beans and peas need supporting to produce their maximum yield. Wigwams are the best support system for peas and climbing beans.
  5. 5. Control slugs and snails because these pests can cause a lot of damage to seedlings and soft young growth. There are various means of control – you can use slug pellets which contain metaldehyde or ferric phosphate which is preferred by organic growers. 

6. Re-pot overcrowded and pot-bound house plants.

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