Spring: Garden Care

Posted at 15th February 2019 in News by Georgia Tizley

Spring: Garden Care

As February is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner, now would be the ideal time to design and plan your garden to be summer ready. Designing your own garden allows you to bring your dream garden to life. Computer Aided Designs (CAD) allow you to tailor your garden around your specifications. You can explore options you didn’t realise were possible before now. Take a look at my suggestions below…

  • Planting is not as simple as embedding some plants into the soil. You need to pick out the bushes, perennials and herbaceous plants to create a beautiful array of colours in your garden. You can look at planting plans to see what exactly you can achieve.
  • Raised beds can make all the difference to a garden, small or large. By adding some small raised beds, it can create the illusion of more space. It also gives you the advantage of easier maintenance of plants.
  • The luxury of having a patio in your garden means you can explore the possibilities of many different types of materials such as stone, I personally recommend Indian stone as this gives you an aesthetically pleasing finish, without having to go the expense of purchasing York stone. It doesn’t just create a great place to sit out during the summer, but it also looks attractive and much more appealing than concrete flags.
  • You could try placing a water feature in your garden, a lot of people really appreciate this in the warmer months as it makes them feel like they are by the water when listening to the gentle trickle of their fountain.

Every gardener has an ideal design for their garden, whether it be big and bold, or simple and sophisticated. We know it is hard to visualise the design of your garden, so I recommend give CAD design a try, you can get many different free packages online. These are incredibly useful as this enables you to get a good visualisation of what your garden could look like.

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