We carry out a number of specialist services here at JHPS Gardens, these include:-

  • Japanese Knotweed Removal: This includes a site assessment report and a comprehensive Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. The way we carry out our work will keep you legally compliant, specifically in regards to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. There are further legislation but this is discussed in further detail on the Japanese Knotweed page.
  • Landscaping Schemes: we can create detailed plans to scale along with the size and densities of specific plants.
  • Tree Surveys: carried out to the BS5837:2012 standard

All of these areas require specialist knowledge which we here at JHPS Gardens have, giving us the ability to provide you with a quotation and carry out the work to a high standard and to legal requirements.

Prices will depend upon the site and what is required. If you would like a detailed estimate for any work or some professional advice, then please contact us.

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Estimates are free of charges so why not get in touch now, for a no obligation quote.

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