Ponds are normally built in three ways – pre-formed pools, liners or block/brick work. The construction method will depend on the site, if you want to have fish and the style you would like.

Pre-formed pools

These are quite easy to install and therefore prove quite popular. The pre-moulded pond is inserted into the hole we dig; it is a good idea to put building sand down to make sure the mould is not cracked under the weight of the water pushing it against a hidden pointy stone. The other important aspect to consider is to make sure it is dead level or else all the water will flow to one end.


Pools formed with liners are very good if you’re doing a wildlife pond, as you can get multi levels constructed and a slope for animals to access and exit the pond. Putting the building sand below the liner is absolutely vital, even if you have a 15 or 20 year guaranteed liner.

Concrete and block work

Coy Carp ponds look amazing, these have to be a lot deeper and are normally constructed using concrete and block work. The block work can then be painted with a waterproofing paint (the black looks really good, especially with light or gold coloured Carp) or the liner can be put over the top of this. It is very important with Coy Carp ponds to get good aeration and filtration of water.

Pond with decking surroundThis pond is actually half as big again but this is hidden by the decking, which protects the fish from the heron and keeps it cool in this sunny position. The filtration on this pool was a gravity fed one with UV and particulate filters in. This created a lovely feature for the garden.

This pond was constructed out of concrete block and concrete as you can see it has a nice coping stone around the top along with different heights of shelves internally for the different water plants that are to be inserted.Pond Design

We can also carry out maintenance on ponds, as we have for many clients. They create a lovely feature to a garden however they do need maintaining to ensure that they continue working but also look fantastic all year round.

Ponds are a great feature that can add a real wow factor and encourage wildlife. If you would like some advice or a price please contact us.

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