We tend to construct two types of fencing primarily that of concrete posts, kick boards and wooden fence panels. Fencing panels range hugely from simple Waney lap to very decorative curved or woven panels, e.g. Europa Prague. One of the most common panels is the Featheredge, as this is a very strong but nice looking fence panel.

Fencing - BackThe other type of fence we construct a lot of is where you have a straight run of what appears to be fence panels but it is all constructed on site, with this type of fence there are no posts visible, this is a more aesthetically pleasing fence.

We also consPicket Fencing in Staffordshiretruct palisade fencing; this is normally for industrial or commercial sites and affords the maximum level of security. The palisade fence pictured below was built to stop children gaining access, the effect was immediate.

Large Picket Style FenceWhether we use wooden, concrete or steel posts these are all concreted into the ground, to ensure they are solid and stable no matter what the weather conditions are. Fences make an ideal boundary demarcation that can add additional security where necessary or/and an aesthetically pleasing boundary.

If you would like some advice on what type of fencing and gates to have then please feel free to get in touch.

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