Border Maintenance and PruningWith such a large variety of shrubs and small ornamental trees, some are grown for their flowers or fruit; others are grown for the colour of their bark. Each shrub has to be pruned individually and to its own specification to get the very best out of them. With our many years of experience, we know exactly how to carry out shrub pruning and trimming in order to encourage healthy growth, great flowering and good production of fruit or berries.

Shrubs can be trimmed or pruned to encourage new growth that will give, depending on the shrub/tree variety, good colour in the stems/trunks, e.g. Betula utilis jacquemontii, Cornus alba, Rubus cockburnianus. Other shrubs must be pruned at the correct time to avoid losing their flowers the following year. Examples of these are Philadelphus (mock orange), Forsythia or Ribes sanguineum. If you were to prune these in winter they would lose all of their flowers the following spring. Shrub MaintenanceTherefore it is necessary to know when and how to prune. You can be assured that we know exactly how to treat your plants to get the best from them. To keep your garden looking neat and tidy, shrubs will need to be pruned as per their individual requirements.

With all of this in mind, when planting up your garden, it is always good to choose a mixture of plants so as to give your garden interest throughout the year. However, we recommend that you bias the planting towards the summer months as this is when you spend the most time in your garden.

If you’re confused about shrub pruning and trimming and need some help, please feel free to contact us.

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