A well-cared for lawn is possibly the most important feature of your garden. It often takes up the most space and can create a beautiful setting for plant borders, trees and other features.
As this aspect of garden maintenance is so important, lawn care is one of the services we offer so that your garden can look its best. After all, your grass is just another plant that has certain requirements that are needed to help it thrive.


Mowing is a regular aspect of garden maintenance. During the growing season, we mow most of our customers’ lawns on a weekly basis. Early and later on in the year, mowing is carried out as and when it is required. Mowing lawns is a simple enough process – we always use Honda rotary mowers with rollers, which we find gives the best results in most conditions. By using a roller mower you can achieve those pleasing stripes that everyone wants on their lawn!
When grass cutting we always use a strimmer to trim around the edges of the lawn and around other features such as climbing frames and trees (whilst being careful not to trim the bark or stem).

Lawn Care Treatments

Gardener for Lawn Care - Feed and WeedLawns are often the most overlooked part of the garden, yet they often take up the largest area. Lawns need to be cared for because unlike other plants, they take the most abuse. Lawn care with all its facets is vital to make sure that any weeds and moss that would grow in them are kept to a minimum. Through careful management, application of selective herbicides, feeds and good husbandry care, the lawn can be kept dark green and lush.

Scarification, which is carried out in September/October depending on the weather conditions, is the raking of moss and thatch out of the lawn to let it breathe. Aeration should be carried out with a hollow tine aerator, which removes small cores of soil to relieve compaction. Following the aeration process, we apply the top dressing evenly and brush it into the previously made holes, which help feed the grass by increasing nutrients in the root zone.

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