Posted at 11th April 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

There are many endangered plants which are being protected today. It’s important that an effort is made for saving flora and different projects such as the Eden project have taken this under their wing in order to help to keep the plant from becoming extinct.

‘Ray of hope’ catches the eye instantly as it stands taller than other busy Lizzies and its delicate pink blooms are reminiscent of clouds of candy floss.

This pretty plant is a new approach to conserve the world’s most rare Flora; a number of which are on display at Eden’s rainforest Biome.

Many plants including the Coco-de-mer for instance, are becoming increasingly vulnerable in the Seychelles climate change, habitat destruction and competition from alien plants and animals.

Fortunately, now though, the Eden project has worked alongside the Seychelles’ conservations to safeguard plants on the animals.

This has been achieved by exchanging skills and experiences; the result has meant Seychelles conservationists are now able to grow a number of the rarest plants fond in the islands.

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