Professional Gardener in Mow Cop

Professional Gardener in Mow Cop

Posted at 23rd October 2017 in Case studies by JHPS Gardens

Professional Gardener in Mow Cop

As a professional gardener in Mow Cop, we pride ourselves in providing high quality garden maintenance. It is a pleasure to work in the beautiful village of Mow Cop village. It straddles both Staffordshire and Cheshire, and has views stretching as far as Wales.
Professional Gardener in Mow Cop - Borders

We understand that everyone wants to have a garden they are proud of, one that they can sit and enjoy; especially with the wonderful views of Mow Cop.

Striped lawns, squared off hedges, beautiful borders are all part of what we at JHPS Gardens provide. As your local professional gardener in Mow Cop, we provide all of the above and more. This ensures we keep your garden looking fantastic throughout the year.

Garden maintenance fills up a large portion of our working week, as many clients find it hard to keep on top of their garden. Therefore we provide maintenance on a weekly or fortnightly basis; this regularity ensures that we keep your gardens well maintained.


Gardener in Mow Cop - Lawn Maintenance
One Off Maintenance & Landscaping 

Along with regular maintenance we carry out one off maintenance visits and landscaping projects. We have a number of clients that like to have us come in throughout the year to give the whole garden a general tidy up. We generally carry out between two to four visits each year. These visits general coincide with either the temperate seasons or the start and end of the growing season.

As a professional gardener in Mow Cop and throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire, we also carry out many landscaping jobs. Many of our clients like to have landscaping completed throughout Autumn and Winter. This then ensures that they can take full advantage of their garden in the Summer months. That being said we carry out landscaping throughout the year.

So if you are looking for a professional gardener in Mow Cop or surrounding areas drop us an email at or call us on 01782 396168. If you want to know what our clients say about us please visit our testimonials page for further details.