October Top Tips

Posted at 21st October 2014 in News by JHPS Gardens

The JHPS Gardens team have gathered together some October top tips to consider this month. It’s important that you keep on top of your garden in order to ensure that your garden is in tip top condition for the upcoming winter months!

  • Allowing leaves to collect on your lawn can kill your grass. Rake them up and store them in a pile for use as mulch in your garden next summer.
    Garden Maintenance
  • It is important that you prune your roses and other climbers as this encourages further healthy growth in the future. Your climbers can become knotted and tangled if they don’t get pruned and this may mean that they do not flourish as well.
  • Don’t water house plants as much, they will require less watering until next spring. Too much water in the winter months can cause weak growth.
  • Start to think about protection for this winter. It certainly depends on how exposed your garden is however it is a good idea to move your tender plants into a greenhouse or make other changes to protect your plants from the frosty winter weather which is on its way.

Plant Focus

Nerine bowdenii – a herbaceous bulbous perennial which displays a beautiful lily-like pink flower during the autumn months. The strong pink colour would really stand out and brighten up your garden so look out for them this month!