Let the Planting Begin

Posted at 29th January 2019 in News by Georgia Tizley

Let the Planting Begin

 During this cold time of year, we find ourselves in the warmth of our own homes, far away from being outside in our gardens. Although January is not a month for outdoor sowing and planting, you can try and start this by using the appropriate facilities like a greenhouse, cold frame or a heated propagator. If you are planning to get your garden landscaped this year and you don’t have the facilities above, you should make this a part of your 2019 gardening project. These facilities allow you to attempt to garden 365 days a year.


January might feel like a dormant month as far as growing is concerned however I have made some suggestions for you to try below…


  • You can start to grow salad leaves, spring onions and spinach on a bright windowsill indoors, for tasty early greens.


  • You can grow strawberry plants under cover to get an early crop this summer.


  • You could challenge yourself by planting some summer cauliflowers in a frost-free greenhouse or even a cold frame.


  • You could also try bulb onions from seeds, they can be started towards the end of the month.


  • If you have a heated propagator, tomatoes and aubergines could also be started under heat.


  • You could plant bare-root fruit trees in January, providing the ground isn’t frozen. When dealing with freezing weather, it is crucial that you avoid walking on your lawns. Frost can cause damage to the turf underfoot.


If your looking to add colour to your winter walls, a surprising number of climbers can be used through the winter to bring life and interest to your bare walls and fences. Jasminum Nudiflorum is a lovely yellow star-shaped flowered climber. The flowers appear along leaf-less, dark green stems from January to March. Jasmine is very easy to grow and still performs through the winter. I highly recommend this climber to furnish your winter walls.


Take a look at our ‘ Harkers Winter Tips’ article, this article contains tips and tricks about taking care of your garden in the winter.

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