Posted at 13th January 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens

A landscaped gardenIn the winter and early spring, not many people go out into their gardens, but there are things to do. Borders need to be hoed and weeded, leaves to be gathered and the last of the herbaceous plants need to be pruned back. In reality though, very often customers leave these things to us or they don’t get done at all at least until the weather improves. In the summer though, everyone wants to enjoy their garden, they don’t want the lawn ripped up, a digger outside their window or retaining walls being built along with decking and patios. 

This type of landscaping project can, with a bit of foresight, be carried out before May, leaving you with the entire summer to relax and enjoy your garden.

There are many things you could do with landscaping, whether large or small, but now is the time to consider them.  Contact us on our contacts page and we can come out free of charge to talk about the possibilities.