Posted at May 14, 2015 in Case studies Landscaping by JHPS Gardens

As we are based in the area, we spend a lot of time maintaining gardens and landscaping in Staffordshire. This particular garden received a complete overhaul making it not only a beautiful garden, but a child safe area for our client’s family.

To the right you can see a picture of the garden before we began the landscaping work. The garden itself was very steep, with a natural pool of water towards the bottom of the client’s garden. This was not a child friendly garden, therefore all original features such as the previous decking and turf needed to be removed before we could start work.

Full view of Landscaping in StaffordshireOnce the lawn had been removed, we could easily flatten the tiers of the garden, giving neat, even spaces for play (or relaxation!) Each tier of the garden we designed in accordance to the different plants that would be featured in that section of the garden. As the client had young children, shady areas were important, therefore we provided woodland planting and a shade garden. This meant the garden did not only look colourful during the summer months, but provided a much needed shaded space for little ones. We made sure we chose trees that would provide colour and interest to the family, therefore we chose to plant some fruit trees including Apple, Plum and Pear trees. On the embankments, we planted a variety of shrubs and herbaceous plants to provide colour all year round.

Where possible, we try and be as sustainable as possible when landscaping in Staffordshire, therefore when we laid a woodchip pathway for the client, we edged the path with wood from the previous decking. Reusing materials where possible also means we can provide a more cost effective solution for the customer without compromising on the beauty of the garden.Landscaping in Staffordshire jetty at bottom of garden

To allow for easy access for little ones between tiers of the garden, we laid a pathway of Indian stepping stones, which lead down the brand new jetty at the bottom of the garden. This feature really added a unique feature to the garden, and meant the client could easily enjoy the water wildlife with their children. As well as the pathway, we built a series of steps made from railway sleepers which also lead down to the jetty. Making these steps from wood meant the garden was practical, but still fitted in with the natural surroundings.

Landscaping in Staffordshire Child friendly Patio AreaThe upper level of the garden was paved with Indian stone and made child safe by a set of railings which were specifically chosen to match the original features of our client’s home. This patio is a fantastic area for our client to enjoy the beautiful views over their garden, entertain family and friends and be sure that their children can play outdoors safely. We always try and meet every individual client’s needs, therefore the right hand side of the garden was turfed over and left as a free space for them to install a slide for their children at a later date: a brilliant, fun addition to their home.

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