Landscaping in Mottram St Andrew

Posted at 28th November 2017 in Case studies Landscaping by JHPS Gardens

Landscaping in Mottram St Andrew

When we carry out landscaping in Mottram St Andrew, it is lovely to work in beautiful surroundings. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful garden to match their beautiful surroundings? We not only carry out landscaping work in Mottram St Andrew, but also in surrounding Cheshire towns and villages.
Turf Laying and Fencing - Landscaping in Mottram St Andrew

For many of our clients, they want to create a garden they can relax in, enjoying those long summer evening. Therefore for many of our clients, we create patios and terraces. These spaces are ideal to set your table and chairs on for entering your guest or maybe your sun lounger for your quiet afternoon siesta.

Patios and Terraces

When landscaping in Motrram St Andrew we have created patios or terraces out of different materials. As you can see from the images below. When completing the decked area, the customer already had an existing patio area. They wanted to add additional interest and an extra seating area, by having decking. The specimen tree was an existing tree so we built the decking around it. The Indian stone patio was cleaned up and pointed up with resin. As you can see from the before and after images, doesn’t it make the garden look great!

Landscaping in Mottram St Andrew - Before and After

Alternatively, we have created many patio areas in Indian stone, which creates a beautiful patio area. In particular is the raj green colour, which has slight variations in colour. However when this natural stone is wet the colours really come through. As you can see in the feature photo it creates a lovely patio area. On this particular job we created the patio and had two paths leading off the patio to different sections of the garden.


Planting Scheme - Landscaping in Cheshire
Maybe you want keep your garden as green as possible by having your lawn maintained and borders looking great all year round. Here at JHPS Gardens, we can maintain and landscape your garden by creating new borders and planting these up. We can plant up in such a way as to create interest either by the flowers, the scent of the plant, the colour of the bark or leaves. This ensures that you have interest throughout the year. In the example shown we created a formal style garden with box hedging around the edge of the borders and additional interesting plants within in.

This just gives you an idea of some of the landscaping in Mottram St Andrew that we can create. For more details about our landscaping services, please click here.

Do you want to start you landscaping in Mottram St Andrew? Contact JHPS Gardens today to arrange your site visit! Our friendly office members will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.