Landscaping in Blythe Bridge

Landscaping in Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent

Posted at November 20, 2017 in Case studies Landscaping by JHPS Gardens

We carried out landscaping in Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent. The client’s garden had once been nice but had deteriorated over a number of years.

Landscaping in Blythe Bridge - BeforeLandscaping in Blythe Bridge – Back Garden

First of all we cleared the site of all rubbish that had accumulated and the old shed was removed. We then set out all the levels for the site as the customer asked for a flat and level lawn. To do this we knocked in small markers to give the final height. We also decided to edge the lawn with tannalised timber. The timber edging was 100mm x 25mm and was attached to wooden posts that had been concrete into the ground. This would make edging the lawn not necessary and cut down on the maintenance. We also put in a land drain (a perforated pipe) to remove excess water that would run off the existing patio.

The next stage was putting down hardcore for the stone flags that we were laying for the shed base. Once the hardcore was put down we compressed it using a whacker plate. The flags were then laid on cement. We pointed up the stone flags with a resin. The resin is both power washer and frost resistant, making it a better option than cement pointing. We also laid the stepping stones that were to lead from the gravel section to the shed.

Landscaping in Blythe Bridge - Semi permeable membrane, Indian stone flagsGravel and Turfing

The gravel area had a semi permeable membrane put down to stop any weeds coming through. The stone flags were laid randomly in this area to break it up. The gravel was then put down to a minimum depth of 50mm.

The lawn area was sprayed with a systemic weed killer to kill off all grass and weeds. We then brought in six tons of top soil to level the lawned area off and commenced laying the turf.

Once the new lawn was laid we weeded the borders and planted them up with a combination of perennials bushes and one small specimen tree to give colour and interest all year round. We also planted an evergreen hedge along the wooden fence to hide it.

Landscaping in Blythe Bridge - Completed

Landscaping – Front Garden

Once this main landscaping job was completed the customer asked us to clear out and relay a new lawn in his front garden. This was only a small add on as in this part of Blythe Bridge the front gardens are quite small and it just took us one day to complete. The process was the same once we roughly cleared, edged along one side to hold the soil spilling back on to where the new lawn was to be laid and then added a good quality top soil to get the levels correct. Our usual supplier of turf had ran out due to the hot weather so we laid Roland medallion turf, which is the best turf I have ever seen. The final product was excellent.Turfing Front Garden - Landscaping in Blythe Bridge

In conclusion this landscaping project took just over three weeks to complete. It involved turfing, land drainage, laying a stone patio and planting up borders with herbaceous plants and shrubs. The customer was very pleased with the job and has continued with our services as we carry out our regular garden maintenance on a fortnightly basis to maintain his newly landscaped garden.

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