Posted at 8th December 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens

JHPS Plants Profile

‘Pink Triumph’
‘Emperor of China’
Mahonia x media
‘Winter Sun’
Height: 50cm (20in)
Height and Spread: 1.2m (4ft) * 60cm (24in)
Height and spread: 5m (15ft) * 4m (12ft)
The ‘Pink Triumph’ is a rich pink and sometimes has a pale stripe along the centre of each slightly ruffled petal. The flowers are lightly scented from November into January.
The 5-6cm flowers are deep pink with a silvery shine. The flowers are especially attractive against its foliage, which becomes red as the weather cools. The 1.2m stems often need support to prevent the flower-heads being weighed down due to rainfall.
‘Winter sun’ it is a refined looking plant with young foliage flushed in purple. For the duration of the autumn the leaves develop a red tint to them and the flowers provide a sweet fragrance. Blue-black berries quickly follow.

There are many differing varieies of plants and many differing ways of looking after certian plants so if you are unsure about a plant you are hoping to grow then please contact us or look out for future Plant Profiles.

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