Fresh turf can give an immediate visual improvement to your garden. This gives you an immediate lawn where as seeding an area can be a much longer pTurfrocess. Turf is also more convenient if you have dogs or children.

You first of all need to lower the area where you are planning on laying your new lawn. This removes everything that is on the top of the area to ensure the lawn has the best start. We then recommend spreading additional top soil onto the area.

The next step would be to rake the soil to ensure the area is level and also firm. After the area has been leveled, choose a high quality amenity turf to lay. We recommend a turf that has creeping fescues, rye and fine bents as this needs little care, just mowing.

*JHPS Top Tip: Don’t purchase turf from a DIY store, purchase from a turf grower instead for a better quality roll.*

Laying turf, Stone 2Start at the furthest point and start to roll out the turf. Ensure that the turf rolls are butted up tightly to the next roll. The lines of the rows should be staggered. This can be easily achieved by laying half a roll of turf every other roll. You should start each row on the same side, for example, if you start laying your turf from left to right you should continue this pattern.

Once you have finished don’t walk on your freshly laid turf, use boards instead so your weight is evenly spread.

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