Do you have a drainage issue in your garden? Does your grass get waterlogged when it rains? Land drains may be the answer to your drainage problem.

How to Install Land Drains 

You first of all need to decide where you are going to put your land drains and then dig the appropriate trenches for the drains to sit in. We Land Drains - How to install recommend as minimum depth of 300mm and the trenches should be sloped towards the main drain. You should dig the trenches at 1 metre centres. Please see an example on the right. The main drain is in the bottom right-hand corner so all of the drains flow down to the main drain. The land drains will need to be either 80mm/100mm in diameter.

You should then place gravel at the bottom of the trenches you have dug. We recommend Pea Gravel. You then need to place each perforated land drain on top of the gravel.

Once you have placed all of the land drains into the trenches, surround all of the drains with gravel. This enables the water to drain freely into the pipe without being clogged up with silt.

The drain should then be connected to the main drains to remove the excess water from your garden. You should then cover the ground with a minimum of 100mm of top soil. You can then choose a covering of your choice whether this is grass or gravel for example.

By having these land drains inserted into your garden, this will help with the existing drainage problem, ensuring that your garden remains dry and free draining and therefore usable even after heavy rain.

If you would prefer an expert to install land drains in your garden, please get in touch by filling in the contact form on this page or by calling us on 01782 396 168. 


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