Posted at 24th February 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

How to get the Best From Bedding-Plant Seedlings

Water the seedlings well and then leave to drain. Loosen the surrounding compost from the roots with a ‘dibber’ and lift out individually. Pot into 9cm pots.
Larger ‘plug’ plants
Water and leave to drain. Relocate into 9cm pots for growing on, or plant directly into baskets and indoor pots. 
Carefully water in seedlings or plug plants using a watering can to prevent damage.
Growing on
Keep plants in bright light, preferably at 16-18 degrees until they are about to be potted.
Feed plug plants with balanced liquid fertiliser fortnightly, seedlings monthly.
Hardening off
Progressively let plants get used to cold, and keep on growing outdoors, once all danger of frost has passed.
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