JHPS Gardens - Decking

Did you know we also construct decking?

Posted at 3rd October 2017 in Landscaping by JHPS Gardens

Decking is the perfect way to extend your living space. We can lift decking to the same level as a floor in your property so when you open the patio doors your space is instantly amplified.
At JHPS Gardens we only install decking in the most professional way. Many make the mistake of laying decking too close to the ground which can cause it to rot. We make sure decking is laid onto a suspended frame, this means only the timber posts are making contact with the frame.

Our expert knowledge enables our customers to have a super strong, high quality decked area which will last for many years!

If you are considering adding decking to your garden why not give our team a call on 01782 396 168. We can offer a free, no obligation quote alongside a detailed CAD design.