Posted at 7th February 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

Helleborus- RHS Collection as Recommended by JHPS Professional Garden Maintenance

JHPS give you insight and information into the rhizomatous perennials which are found growing in parts of Europe and Western Asia.
Helleborus are found growing in woodland, grassy and rocky sites throughout parts of Europe and Western Asia. These perennials are hardy and thrive on soils which contain traces of chalk and limestone base where the pH is alkaline or neutral. They grow well in partially shaded areas, and will tolerate full sun, however if so, they need to be provided with regular watering if grown in a bright spot.  This collection includes some very beautiful yet unusual cultivars which will provide striking colours from mid-winter through to mid-summer. However all parts of the plant are toxic if eaten and contact with the foliage can be an irritant to the skin.
Helleborus ‘Double Ellen Red’
These perennials are a fine addition to winter themed containers as their heavily spotted, red pink flowers and dark green foliage bring a splurge of colour and personality to any garden.
Helleborus ‘Double Ellen White’
If you have a partially shaded border and wish to add some colour these are perfect. The pointed-tipped white petals, which have tiny spots of maroon, surround a group of creamy white stamens.
Helleborus ‘Double Ellen Picotee’
If left undisturbed, these creamy white petals edges in a dark pink along with their evergreen foliage will slowly expand.
These beautiful yet bold perennials are well equipped for any garden, whether they are contained, in borders or just dotted around the garden. They will provide countless interest through the mid-winter, right the way through to spring.
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