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Growing Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be bought as young however open-pollinated cultivators are usually only offered.
Reliable Cultivators
·         Maximus
·         Nautic
·         Diablo
·         Cronus
·         Revenge
1.      Sow in seed trays in a warm place in February or March. Feed weekly with a liquid fertiliser continuously from 4 weeks of been potted.
2.       Grow seedlings in a modestly warm area in a bright place. For a higher quality plant, harden off plants with gradual exposure to the outdoor conditions.
3.      Plants should be big enough to plant in rows by May. Avoid cabbage root fly by planting under an insect proof mesh.
4.      When there is a dry spell water every 14 days. Keep weed free and for a professional finish and for extra caution add nitrogen-rich fertiliser in midsummer.

5.      Support may be needed in landscapes and gardens with heavy winds. To harvest the sprouts, start at the base of the plant. The flavour improves after frosts but declines as flowers form, usually around February.


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