Posted at May 6, 2015 in by JHPS Gardens

Hedge Cutting in Stafford We carry out hedge cutting in Staffordshire. As a professional grounds maintenance company, hedge cutting in Staffordshire is a major part of the work we carry out for private and commercial clients.

When cutting hedges it is very important to use the right tool for the job, this normally for hedge cutting is a professional petrol hedge cutter, which is extremely sharp. For Box hedging we may use hand shears and sometimes we even use a pair of secateurs to get the perfect finish.

When hedge cutting in Staffordshire, we find as a company having twelve men and having the right tools for the job means we can get a lot more hedge cutting completed to a high standard within a given period of time than other companies or one man bands. One of the reasons that we are often chosen to cut our client’s hedges in Staffordshire is our expertise. Hedges in Staffordshire

Depending on the hedge will affect the amount of cuts and when it will be cut. For example by careful trimming you can cut a Pyracantha hedge so you keep all the flowers and then berries. This means that not only does it look attractive but that the hedge will help the wild life in the more harsh months. Hedge Cutting in StaffordshireSome hedges if trimmed correctly can be allowed to flower e.g. a mixture of Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and Prunus spinosa, look really pretty with their flowers.

So if you live in Staffordshire and need a price to get your hedges cut or just some advice on when or how to cut your hedges then don’t hesitate to get in touch.