Gardener in Alton

Gardener in Alton

Posted at February 5, 2016 in Case studies News by JHPS Gardens

Gardener in Alton - Lawn CareAs a professional gardener in Alton, we carry out all our garden maintenance to the highest standard in order to ensure our clients have 100% satisfaction with the work we carry out.

The gardening we carry out would generally involve: mowing and edging the lawns, hedge cutting, weeding and hoeing borders and pruning of shrubs as per their individual requirements.Gardener in Alton

As a gardener covering Alton we get asked to provide other services including tree surveying and pruning along with Japanese Knotweed remediation. As an expert gardener we find it is vital to make sure we are happy with every job we do so that you are happy as the client. Our work is always completed to the highest standard, with the client and their garden’s requirements in mind.

If you require a professional gardener in Alton we would love to hear from you – whether it be for a one off visit or regular garden maintenance. Please phone us on 01782 396168 or drop us a line at: Alternatively, if you wish to drop us a Tweet, whether it’s sharing your garden pics, questions or requests, click HERE and we will be sure to get back to you!