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April Garden Tips

Posted at April 12, 2016 in News by JHPS Gardens

Border Maintenance

As the sun makes more of a regular appearance this month, we can be sure that the summer is on its way. The days are much longer and the plants that have withered away in the cold winter months have started to thrive again! We have been hearing from our clients that they have been getting themselves out into the garden a little bit more due to the better weather. As a result, we have gathered together a few things to look out for or jobs to do over the next few months.

Garden Tips

  • Look out for Disease! – It is likely that during the colder months, due to the cold and wet winter weather, fungal diseases may have been encouraged. For example, bracket fungus is easier to notice at this time of the year. Also, Phytophthora root rot causes die back on mature trees and shrubs so it’s a good idea to keep a look out to ensure that your plants are in tip top condition!
  • If you are thinking about planting some new trees or shrubs, you must also consider making them safe and by using certain protection methods to do so. If your garden gets frequent visits by rabbits then guards may be useful to ensure that the new plants are protected. Also, pests such as aphids and caterpillars will increase in numbers as the temperature rises, an infestation can be prevented by regularly checking over your garden for these insects and removing them before this annoyance becomes a serious problem!Garden Maintenance
  • With the season change, it’s good to have a spring clean – if you have any structures such as greenhouses, arbours, trellis and arches, give them a check over. Any wooden features to your garden may need a wood preserve and stain treatment in order to keep it looking great. Also, your greenhouse might benefit from a clear out and the glass cleaning. Use Jays fluid to give it a thorough clean and get it looking fab for the summer. Now is a great time to clear up your garden – if you leave it too long then the weeds will build up and create a bigger job, so get cracking today!
  • Here’s one thing that we at JHPS Gardens love to look out for at this time of the year – the trees are just coming into leaf with Magnolias just coming into flower at the moment, we can’t wait to see the new growth! Keep a watch out on the trees over the next few months to watch the spring season take over!

We hope that these tips are useful over the next few weeks. As always, if you have any questions about your garden then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!