Posted at 9th May 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens


This is the first Feed and Weed treatment recommended out of four treatments. It only costs from £15 depending on the size of your lawn and is therefore well worth the money.

Now the weather is warmer, it is the ideal time to apply a Weed and Feed treatment to the grassed areas of your garden. This involves using a high based nitrogen feed for the grass which helps promote new growth – potassium and phostrogen are also included with some minor elements. By applying this feed now, your lawn will look really good in the coming months.

This type of treatment is even more important if you have broad-leaved weeds in your lawn. The selective herbicide used has hormones in it that makes the weeds (e.g. daisies, dandelions, docs, nettles, etc) grow out of themselves. So as the lawn is mown and the weeds continue to grow exponentially, they use all their strength up and die.

If you would like JHPS to come and treat your lawn with Feed and Weed or if you would just like us to take a look at your lawn. We will be happy to take a look and recommend to you what is best for your lawn or garden, please get in touch with us on: –

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