Posted at 10th February 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens
Disruption Due to Birds
Most wild birds are welcome in gardens but some, including bullfinches, sparrows and pigeons cause much disruption to gardens and plants. In winter, these birds will eat flower buds, fruit, grass seeds and will damage vegetable seedlings along with flowers such as crocus, and can also strip peas from their pods.
Preventing Damage
A bird-proof cage with 2cm mesh netting is the best protection for fruit and vegetable crops. Also repellents that contain aluminium ammonium sulphate can be of good use, however it distorts the natural fresh taste to something quite unpleasant, therefore it should not be used on edible crops close to harvest.          
If you have any question concerning the disruption caused in the garden by Birds then please get in touch with is and we will be happy to help.
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