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December Garden Tips

Posted at 2nd December 2014 in News Top Tips by JHPS Gardens

It’s becoming even colder now as we edge towards winter, the frost is slowly creeping in and we are hoping that your gardens are fully prepped and ready for the harsh weather approaching – maybe even snow! The chilling idea of snow over this winter does seem to excite the children – but your garden won’t be too fond of the thought! Here are a few December garden tips to help you on your way to a neat and tidy garden:

December Garden Tips

  • Dead-head your autumn flowering plants to keep them looking fantastic.
  • If you have a greenhouse, protect your plants from the cold weather, it is good to every so often ventilate the greenhouse to keep the air moving around and reduce the dampness that could occur, without letting the temperatures get too low.
  • Don’t feed your grass because the fertiliser will speed the grass into premature growth and then it won’t be able to cope with the weather, therefore damaging the lawn.

Plant Focus

Pansies – These brightly coloured flowers will be in full bloom even during the cooler months – they come in an array of colours and are commonly known for brightening up the garden through the dark and dismal winter. Although you will be seeing Pansies throughout the year, keep a look out for them this month. They are sure to brighten your day!