Posted at 28th February 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

CRB Checked Gardeners

Most gardens, whether they are private or commercial are in need of attention around this time. You may be an organisation that is looking for a gardener, to help tidy your grounds up. However in today’s society many are worried about whom they are employing, wondering what their background is like, especially when working along with children or vulnerable adults, whether it be in a hospital, nursery or a care home.
 JHPS Ltd understand that CRB checks are a legal requirement when working with or around children or vulnerable adults. As a result all staff at JHPS Ltd are CRB checked to an enhanced level. This means that they are all checked to the highest level, which looks at all current and past convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings, plus any other relevant information that is held on record.
JHPS have made sure that all staff are CRB checked and we have been approved to work around children and vulnerable adults. We like to make our customers happy by providing the highest standard of work; however we also like to make sure all clients are comfortable having us at their organisation.  
If you require any more information then please visit the “Grounds Care and Maintenance” section of the website. On the other hand please contact JHPS on one of the following: –
Free Phone: 0800 0937 926
Head Office: 01782 396168