Posted at 28th February 2011 in News by JHPS Gardens

CRB Check

 CRB stands for Criminal Records Bureau. There are two types of CRB that can be carried out these are standard and enhanced.
A standard disclosure will reveal any convictions to the applicant from 10 years old however it will not disclose any warnings or whether the applicant is band from coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults.
Our workers at JHPS have all been Enhanced CRB checked. The enhanced CRB check reveals any convictions from the age of 10 along with any official warnings and checks banned list. This check covers those coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults.
Not only is it a legal requirement but here at JHPS we feel it is very important for our clients to be well informed and feel comfortable and safe in the work environment. By providing an enhanced CRB check the organisations and clients have the ability and correct information to determine work or recruitment decisions especially when working in the environment with children and vulnerable adults.
Here at JHPS we have been approved of our enhanced CRB checks. This means that we are able to work for Hospitals, nurseries etc. If you would like more information on this subject or if you would like further information on our gardening services then please contact us on: –
Free Phone: 0800 093 7926
Head Office: 01782 396168