Posted at 19th April 2010 in News by JHPS Gardens
  • Slug Pellets

Slug pellets are the most widely used method of controlling pest problems.  The pellets are scattered on the surface of the ground in a thin layer, where the pests feed on them.  Scattering them in this thin layer, reduces the chances of other household pets or wildlife eating this pest controll in large quantities.  The active ingredients in most slug pellets are metaldehyde of ferric phosphate.  Metaldehyde is potentially the more harmful to wildlife and is also available in liquid form. Ferric phosphate is approved for use by some organic growers and is relatively safe.  Other products containing aluminium sulphate are also relatively safe and non-toxic.  These products come in the form of a powder which is applied to the soil surface.  As the slugs and snails crawl over the treated areas, they absorb the powder into their bodies.

  • Biological Control


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