A retaining wall is a structure that is constructed to hold back soil and stop erosion. As such this wall needs to be particularly strong and made from not only the right materials but to the right specifications. Quite often a structural engineer will need to provide a specification for these walls for insurance purposes.

Typically walls that are up to 1 metre tall will have a foundation that is 450mm wide by 220mm deep of solid concrete. Once walls get higher than this we may need to insert pillars or rebar, which is steel that comes up from the solid concrete foundation and is inserted into the cavity of the wall.

Retaining Wall Construction

One wall, we created had to have a foundation that was 2 metres wide and 0.25 metres deep. This concrete foundation, also had to have two layers of steel in, because of the wall being 2 metres tall there were three skins to this wall.

Retaining Wall - BeforeRetaining Wall - Concrete Block

The first layer, the internal wall was of concrete block, there was then a 100mm gap. After this there was then another 100mm concrete block wall. Into the 100mm cavity rebars were inserted into the concrete foundation. This cavity was then filled with poured concrete, surrounding the rebar. Due to the weight of the concrete, this had to be poured over several days. This is to ensure that there was no movement in the concrete block. We finally faced the wall with a category B engineering brick. We then finished this off with a blue engineer brick as a solider course.

Completed Retaining Wall

This process not only made the wall structurally strong, but also looked fantastic. It also achieved the objective of pushing the hill further back from the house and creating a much wider patio area for the client.  With every wall that we create, whether it be a stand-alone wall or a retaining wall, each wall is built very carefully. Ensuring any walls are built to the highest standard so that it not only looks fabulous but will also be structurally strong to carry out its purpose of retaining the ground.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that you employ a professional landscaper like ourselves to create a retaining wall in your garden as it is very important that it is created correctly. 

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