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At JHPS Gardens, our business covers a wide range of clientele with varying needs and requirements. Meaning that our prices can vary quite significantly. As such, it is essential that we visit the garden to assess the work involved, before we provide you with an accurate quote.


JHPS Gardens - Pricing

In general, the gardening services we provide for our regular garden maintenance customers range from £180 per visit (minimum charge) to around £500 per week. This equates to £30/hr. per team member. We find that this minimum charge is required due to the standard we like to work to. For example, even a small garden by the time the lawn has been cut and edged, borders weeded and hoed, hedges cut and shrubs pruned as per their individual requirements to ensure further healthy growth and better flowering this can easily take up to two team member hours.

For one-off garden tidy-ups, our minimum charge is £360. To make your garden visually aesthetically pleasing this takes skill, the right tools and time.

Landscape gardening is a much more complex process and therefore comes at a higher price. The average cost for a landscaping project is usually around £15,000; however, our projects range from £2,000 to our largest project last year which was just over £70,000. We now offer 0% finance on ALL landscaping quotes. Click Here to find out more.

We always carry out all our garden services, be they on a large or small scale, to the highest of standards. This is testified to by the fact that 80% of the garden maintenance and landscaping work we carry out is either repeat work or is from referrals.

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